CARYN’S SPACE FOR ACTORS’ mission is to provide real tools for working actors, inspire them to stretch their craft beyond comfortable assumptions and become true artists, and to support their courageousness to keep showing up with the goal of booking! We do this in a boutique studio environment meant to serve no more than 12 in any class; so you get our full attention. 


Caryn West is an award winning actress and renowned as an Backstage lauded acting coach on both coasts for providing a solid foundation of preparation, script analysis,  playfulness and courage tools.  In NYC at least 3 times a year. Sign up for the LA or NY newsletters to the right to keep you informed!


Co-taught by Jessica Kubzansky (Boston Court Co-Art.Director and the 2014 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for “Best Direction”) & Caryn West. Continuing the journey of real growth and bigger risks in your work. No gurus, no yelling, no BS.  Gail Herendeen is associate teacher.


The only acting coach cited on both coasts as one of “THE BEST AUDITION COACHES” in Backstage West and East polls.   Skype/Facetime coaching available for last minute appointments or on another coast. On Set.


Coached, blocked, reading with Caryn, HD camera/lighting, shotgun mic/great audio and quick uploading to the Internet or a custom link. Conveniently located in West Hollywood.


See availability right away and snare your coaching or taping right online.

TESTIMONIALS       and      CLIENT SUCCESSES   a few below:

necar 175x220 HomeNECAR ZADEGAN (regular Fox’s RAKE w/Greg Kinnear, recurred on THE FOSTERS , regular/ EMILY OWENS MD, “24”): “Caryn very quickly understands scenes and characters and where the scene should go is always supported by her keen eye for specifics. Her audition technique class is singular amidst the rest…She is clear about why auditioning is an art unto itself…Under Caryn’s tutelage I really had a chance to hone the art of specificity within my acting but also entirely within my life as an artist…”

JohnConnally1 175x220 HomeJOHN P CONNOLLY (former Pres. of AFTRA &  ex CEO Actors Equity who took the Audition Intensive in class in 2013): “Essentially, in a safe, supportive setting I learned that while I may miss the Old School that I thrived in, I gotta get back up on a New Horse if I want to ride.  I also profited immensely and immediately from the artistic and technical insight that Caryn brought to our audition pieces.   So much to be joyful about…”

Alysia Reiner 175x220 Home

ALYSIA REINER (a regular on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, best known as Thomas Church’s bride on the hit film SIDEWAYS) : “Caryn’s was the first & BEST audition intensive I ever took. She is a genius both of technique and actor psyche and cutting through habits that hinder us. I use so many of her techniques both in auditions and on set, like today!”                           

victoria summers 175x220 Home

VICTORIA SUMMER (booked her 7th feature since April 2012 coaching with Caryn – including TRANSFORMERS 4, SAVING MR BANKS, and now shooting a film lead opposite Chris Klein):  “Caryn has the ability to quickly comprehend a scene and bring it to life. She inspires ideas and actions that would have otherwise gone untapped. I wouldn’t go anywhere else with my audition material”

david e1384663742832 Home

DAVID ALAN BASCHE  (series regular “The Exes”, “Starter Wife”  ,”Lipstick Jungle”, “Three Sisters,” “Oh Grow Up,” films include “United 93″, “War of the Worlds”, “Full Frontal” ):    “Caryn’s class changed my life: I take what she taught me into every audition, and it works over and over again, and that means: so do I !”


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