Coaching Preparation, Paypal Options and Map

” The best there is.  In the tradition of the great New York acting coaches,  Caryn knows how to interpret material and help me knock the ball out of the park at every audition! – EILEEN GALINDO

To book an appt. with Caryn,

  1. Go to the SCHEDULE PAGE  and see whats’ best for you around any Studio Conflicts (RED) or Caryn’s other Conflicts (GREEN) P.S.T. time, then use the following link  (this has proved much easier and faster than the back and forth of trading time slots on the phone) :

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: Coach, Skype, or Consult   

       2.   Never email for an appt, and especially  last minute requests.   We often do not see your email requests in time and Caryn may be in the studio coaching , the phone on SILENT.   Worst Case, CALL OR TEXT and we will get back to you at our very earliest and try to fit you in:  818.693.4625

      3.   After requesting your COACHING HOUR,  you will either receive a “Scheduling Confirmation” and you are booked, or a “New Time Request for Coaching”, and once the hour is mutually agreed on the “Scheduling  Confirmation” will be sent.


PLEASE READ, DO THE FOLLOWING and Print this out for your appt. :

  1. Email the sides and full breakdown to to study on her iPad, time permitting.
  2. Bring a Printed Second Copy of the sides for Caryn.
  3. Bring from your Agent or Manager: The complete CHARACTER BREAKDOWN (with all other characters listed and a storyline) As a Rule, ask your agents to send the all project info, not just your part’s description!

Look over the CAMERA TAPING PAGE & FIND OUT FROM YOUR REP ASAP: WHAT ENCODED VIDEO SPECS to email a file the CDs might require . FASTEST DELIVERY is by sending your reps the file as a condensed .m4v or putting it on your DROPBOX and giving them a link.

  1. For taping MEMORIZE as much as you can in advance! (If its so last minute you can’t, we have a few cheats to help)
  2. IMDB research the writers and director so we know what the traditional tone and style of their past work. Watch the show on the Network website, Youtube, iTunes or for a few minutes to get its world and tone.
  3. Ways to Pay, Map and Parking tips below. LET’S ROCK! See you soon!

REMEMBER: If you can’t get to the studio quickly, consider the SKYPE OPTIONS 

FACETIME / SKYPE COACHING  :    Caryn now not only coaches in her West Hollywood studio or West End Ave place, but coaches  online  frequently  to clients on both coasts and even EuropeFacetime on your Mac, iPhone or iPad are our preferences as it seems more consistent, set up is easier, I don’t have to wait for you,  and the reception is rarely compromised even on LTE connections. ( Setup Facetime and then email or  Skype to  id: carynwestcoach)  PLEASE SET UP SKYPE AND TEST OUT BEFORE YOUR APPT. It takes about 30 minutes to configure. Free Download ) GMAIL CHAT is an alternative ( to

The Fee options:

      1. ONE HR COACHING Paypal $150 (OPTION 2 Paypal below)
      2. CASH $120 save $30/hr
      3. DISCOUNT PACKS  3, 5 or 10 hr.s  (OPTION 1, 5 or 6  Save $150 – $800 on the hourly rate!!)

DISCOUNT COACHING pak with Caryn West (25-40% savings)

You don’t need a PAYPAL account to pay, you can use a Debit or Credit Card and also have their option to PAYPAL CREDIT (PayPal Credit includes offers like No Payments + No Interest on purchases over $99 if paid in full in 6 months.)

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Caryn West’s Space for Actors
7506 Lexington Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(just off corner of Gardner and Lexington, parking easiest on Gardner, Studio is at rear end of driveway / beige iron gate)

PARKING TIPS: !NO EVENING (7pm -7am) Non Permit parking on my  LEXINGTON AVE . block between Gardner and Curson!

However, Park anywhere on Gardner or Lexington (only between Gardner and Vista) is best, or Norton St (between Curson and Gardner)  Other reliable alternatives are:

the Plummer Park parking lots (8am to 10pm at the intersections of MARTEL/ SANTA MONICA or  VISTA / FOUNTAIN ) — and walk over 2 blocks

Avoid Astroburger or Fatburger parking lots as they are starting to tow. Worst case, for coachings only you can park in front of my white gate in driveway for the hour.

Please call or text if you are running late.

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